Event Planning and Design

I used to think there were rules.

Only certain colors went with certain other colors.  Pancakes were for breakfast.  Birthday parties always had cake and ice cream.  Christmas was all about green and red. Then, the year I was nine, my mother decorated our Christmas tree with nothing but gold and pale green globes.

It broke the rules. It shocked me.

So began my lifelong love for unrestrained, risky and beautiful design.

"Jane’s attention to every single detail is unparalleled. She provides a high quality experience with personal touches. For my bridal shower, she created a sensibility reminiscent of garden parties of days gone by; lawn games, vintage linens, decorations, party favors, and color palette. Jane’s events are always special and she captures a sense of wonder, joy, and playfulness with her attuned and thoughtful eye." Marisa M.
"Hiring Kith & Kin means every detail will be attended to with an exquisite eye for color, flowers and flow. Your guests will feel special and you will be happy and relaxed." Kathy H.