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Kith & Kin specializes in encore weddings (marrying not-for-the-first time). We believe that mature couples deserve to celebrate their love just as much as younger ones, but often have a different, more discerning take on what that celebration might include.

Love that comes along later in life is often even more precious and heady than the love that sweeps younger people off their feet.

In many ways, such a love and the wedding that publicly declares  it can be sweeter than the first time around. You’ve lived more of life. You know yourself better.  You’ve loved and lost and loved again, and have emerged with an even greater appreciation of how precious it is to find the right mate. You want your nuptials to reflect that.

There is a certain freedom in being an older bride or groom. Couples are often less tied to having a by-the-book wedding. You probably don’t need gangs of bridesmaids in matching dresses or a team of groomsmen. You can skip the raucous bachelor party, and tossing the bouquet or garter just doesn’t make sense.

Even if you don’t want a lot of frills, you still want a meaningful event – perhaps an elegant wedding with a few rituals that really speak to you or an afternoon picnic by the river. You may have children and stepchildren or even grandchildren to include in the ceremony and want everyone to have a role. Or you may want to have a small, intimate affair followed by a lovely dinner or luncheon at a restaurant with just your nearest and dearest. You know what works for you, what’s important and what’s extraneous.

Kith & Kin can help older couples identify what traditions they want to follow and what elements will make the day unique and exceptional.  Whether you plan to elope to a tropical island or be married by the justice of the peace, we can do the legwork for you. Whatever your picture, Kith & Kin will honor it and help you make it happen.

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Jane Ackerman is a writer of poetry and prose, and an event designer extraordinaire. She the creative director and CEO of Kith & Kin

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