Your Event, The Day Of


The planning process is totally fun. So many details to think about, colors to play with, flowers to choose, food to taste, favors to find…

But Kith & Kin keeps its eye on the prize: the event itself. We will deliver an event that will remain one of the best you and your guests ever experience. The Kith & Kin team ensures you are free to participate your party, be an honored guest, instead of having to worry about things running smoothly. No distractions. No disasters. After all, you are the last person who should miss enjoying the results of all your hard work!

During your event, Kith & Kin will buzz around in the background, quietly keeping everything running smoothly while you dine and dance, and enjoy your time with your guests. We want you to have the head space to really pay attention to the content of your event rather then worry if there’s enough ice or if the food is being served on time. We’ll make sure your vendors deliver what you’ve paid for, on time, with the kind of attention to detail you deserve.

We’ll be invisible, but you’ll know we are there.